0.8 Released - get it from the Sourceforge download site.

One year and one day after the first commit to local SVN was made version 0.8 is released to public.

Whats new:

  • drag and drop: arrange your whole CSL window just as you like. Watch the players on your favourite servers 24/7. Just right click on a server, choose a view and drag and drop it to where you want to have it.
  • more options to view servers and players: 4 different views: full/micro/mini/default.
  • search option: you can now search for servers or playernames. Look for your buddy's name, a part of it or just a clantag. CSL will instantly tell on which server your friends are.
  • Thanks to the devs and especially Lee "eihrul" Salzman the ext-info is now included in Sauerbraten, AssaultCube, and BloodFrontier servers. This means you can watch all info from any server online, not just a few like in the previous release.
  • further little handy things: see how many players are online in Sauerbraten overall, choose from more options for configuration, watch map previews and see who holds which base for all CTF and capture maps, etc.
  • Thanks to Gambit who made a Gentoo ebuild



  • Sauerbraten server fixed (thanks to Adrian Henke for the bug report)
  • AssaultCube server fixed
  • A precompiled Sauerbraten and AssaultCube server is now available for Win32 platforms.
  • Repositories for Fedora 7, Fedora 8, openSUSE 10.2 and openSUSE 10.3 are available here


0.7.5 Released - get it from the Sourceforge download site.

Whats new:

  • Extended info version 102 is now supported. CSL shows now captured bases in the sauerbraten capture modes (capture and instagib capture). A patch for AssaultCube v0.93 and upcoming v0.94 is also available with the limitation, that version 0.93 does not support players health and armour. 

  • New "private config file mode" which should be interesting especially for OS X users. CSL starts sauerbraten with the config files created by the launcher. On other plattforms, the config files are saved in the CSL-configdir/gamecfg.

  • A fancy new application icon.

  • A map config tool, which generates the required config files for the map preview.